Lessons from forehead acne.

A little background story.
I have been struggling with forehead acne for quite sometime, when one day I shared on my Instagram page a picture that clearly showed the intensity of the problem and how I was experiencing self love despite it.

I got so many heartwarming messages, so many advices on how to get rid of them and some God sent angels opened my eyes to the real problem.

After the acne recurring due to negligence and laziness mostly, here are some lesson I learnt.

1. Sometimes the problem lies deeper than the symptoms show. Dig deeper (the acne was caused by an infectious scalp, and there i was thinking i had a skin problem or was due to stress)

2. When you are brave enough to be vulnerable about your insecurities you find not only strength but sometimes a way through that insecurity (had I not shared my forehead full of acne I wouldn’t have know what the real cause was – an infectious scalp)

3. healing is a continuous journey rather than a set destination. Don’t stop healing. (thanks to my ignorance I thought getting rid of the acne got me off the hook but man was I wrong!!!!)

4. You have two choices; a) whine about your situation or b) do something about it (I choose with the help of lemon juice and coconut oil to do something about my scalp rather than complaining or crying over it).

5. It’s never too later to learn from your mistakes and do the right thing(the journey to an acne free forehead starts, again)

Hope you liked this 😊
Love, always #thegirlintheblackhijab