To the boy I loved briefly

To the boy I loved briefly,
You’ve taught me about life and love.
You’ve taught me how self love is as important as romantic love.
You’ve taught me to accept my flaw as if they were my badge of honor
You’ve taught me the responsibilities that comes with love, the sacrifice, the comprise, the “I need you to have a healthy space with me so I’ll work on the insecurities, the darkness”
Dear love,
I have seen myself, my true self – the ugly and the beauty, in you.
And with you by my side I have come to love every inch of my being.
But dear love,
You have taught me something else too; that I need to choose love full of happy moments than love full of painful writings, and no matter how true the latter sounds, I need to focus on the little moments that fills my heart.
Dear boy I loved briefly,
I appreciate you but it’s time I recognized the value of the boy that lives for my smiles, that makes his life mission to make me happy, than you love, who gives me all the reasons to write sad little notes wondering when all this will come to an end and you become mine forever.
Dear short love,
This is me saying goodbye to you, and welcoming the love that makes me forget to write with pain.