What can a girl do?

What can a girl do when all she ever had is broken pieces of her soul

What can a girl do when she has to work extra hard to get what’s already rightfully hers

What can a girl do when all she ever known is love that’s half empty, love that ridicules, love that tortures and torments and love that only causes her heart ache.

What can a girl do when no place is hers but that of another which she only safeguards

What can a girl do when she is scared most of time, scared that at any given time she might lose all that she is.

What can a girl do?

Let me tell you what a girl can do

A girl can heal first and then heal others like her, a girl can be the love she always craved for, a girl can fight for what is hers – and what is hers nobody can ever take.

A girl can work her way to the top so she can look down upon all that had caged her. A girl can triumps even if she has an army of only herself.

A girl can and will triumph only if she doesn’t sink to the depth her perpetrator wants.

A girl must become a woman to finally rise above it all.