I’ll say this while…

So I’ll say this while I am still angry, while I can say it with conviction and love mixed with sternness…

I’ll say this before I allow myself to “get it”, get why we self destruct and self sabotage.

I’ll say this while I am still angry – angry at the states we allowed ourselves to be in, angry that we only transition from one self destruction to another

I’ll say this while I am still able to speak the truth – the truth to what have been fed to us

I’ll say this as I break free – free from limitations of what I can say and what can be understood.

I’ll say this while I can, because I don’t know if I will be able to morror or if I’ll even want to…

I’ll say this,

You are your own biggest enemy. You hold yourself hostage, you burnt the bridges that leads to You and you keep on wondering why no one is coming to rescue you.

Open your eyes to this reality, break free because you can, treat your scars as if they were your badge, drape your superhero cap and fight,

Fight yourself, fight what is holding you back, fight the voice that keeps on telling you to quit, fight the low standards you have set for yourself.

I’ll say this while I can,

Every long journey starts with a single step, let your first step be the one that you believe in yourself and then build from there until when you look back you can’t help but be proud of how far you have reached.

I’ll say this because I know,

You are capable of so much more than you let your self believe.