A hostage, to the other side.

Sunshine all around is what you see and I try my best to keep it that way, as long as forever if you know what I mean.

But there’s an other side,

A side I can’t trust with anyone, a side where there’s nothing but darkness despite all the light around,

A side where I can’t tell you nor my best friend about nor can i spelled it out in fear the monster I had fed and kept well hidden might break free.

A side I rarely visit in fear it might divulge itself.

A side I peeked into recently, out of curiosity mostly… but out of foolishness too, to see how strong I have gotten.

a foolish mistake.

Oh how could I convince myself, some things needs to be kept hidden, oh how could I make myself understand, some battles can never be won nor should they be fought.

Now here I am stuck, in the darkness on the other side, trying to break free. to no avail.

A hostage to the other side.