Tea, please?

As I sipped the remaining of my tea, my thoughts drifted back on how much has changed in the past couple of months.

There I was on a Saturday morning, having a cup of tea with someone I completely disagreed with on everything that was important to me, to my values and principles.

I say there, keenly listening to his point of view without judgement and disregard.

We drew closer together with each passing minute, allowing ourselves to be vulnerable as we shared on our experiences and how these beliefs and values were formed by our environment and what we are exposed to as individuals.

Before this moment, I never it was possible to have respect and understanding to someone of a different worldview.

So, how made it possible that morning?

I attribute it to a couple of things:

I was mentally and physically available in the conversation, intentionally aware of my own biases and shortcomings.

I was willing to receive with an open heart which meant I was able to give him the benefit of doubt which the same rigor.

I am in a stage where, I have completely came in terms with how little I know, so sitting there as he narrated his tales was a learning opportunity. Which is sacred to me.

Tea. The tea we shared played an important role as it allowed us to sink with love, awareness and kindness in our seats as we visited each other’s world with an open mind and a willingness to explore this new environment.

Let’s have tea. Please

Love, always.