Have you awaken?

She peeps into her room, as the morning first rays break free, praying her daughter’s light have not been dimmed forever… just yet.

She gave up the hope of seeing her baby okay right after she was born. Hospital visits, Quran saar, late night prayers, there’s nothing the mother hadn’t done, but all she has gotten was ‘it’s just a matter of time’

So, the goodbyes were said every sunset, but with every sunrise came with a new ray of hope… for 23 years.

“Have you awakened?” She asks every morning, the meaning to which only she knew, with a hopeful glance to her daughter’s eyes. She believes Answers lay there.

it’s just a matter of time but for how long? She keeps asking herself, when will the final goodbye, be the final goodbye?

The mother has gotten so accustomed to saying her goodbyes that, she can do it in her sleep, that was not hard. what keeps her awake at night is the pain that her daughter goes through, the smile that somehow fades, the change in her daughter’s eyes, the pale skin and oh the cries, the cries always gets to her…

But that doesn’t last long, her daughter is a fighter, she bounces back stronger after every fall.

Her mother knows this, which gives her the faith to not lose hope, but she asks the question every morning nonetheless, “have you awakened?” To which the daughter looks at her mother intently, gauging the color of the sky, her sky, for all these years, she had felt nothing other than the pain she sees in her mother’s eyes.

Bright eyes meant she was doing okay, clouded eyes meant, maybe this is the day she spent in bed.

“Have you awakened?”

The answers had always been with the mother, little did she know that…

Have you awakened?