Make a pledge

In the past few years, a pattern that has been there since the beginning of time has caught my eyes in the most heartwrenching way, and that is of spreading pain and suffering just because we were hurt.They say if you do not heal from the wounds inflicted to you by others you bleed on people who didn’t cause you the pain.

Continuing the cycle.

Sometimes it’s in the most barbaric ways, a person turning into a serial killer or maybe a murder because of the pain they have endured in their lives or sometimes it’s in the most subtle ways, hurting someone’s feelings with words because our feelings have been hurt.

How many children have been at the receiving end of this? whose worlds are shaped by pain reflected to them in our eyes? From shattering their hearts by our (sometimes unintended) cruel words to rape at a very tender age to murder and many big words my vocabulary is limited by just because we were not able to deal or come in terms with our own feelings of pain!And how many children grow up to continue the pattern?

There are, and I will never deny this, many brave women and men who have taken a pledge against injustice, making sure fighting demons stopped with them. These are the people who restore my belief in humanity.

But something keeps tugging at my heart; what our children need is more of those people. Superheros who wear their scars with pride, fighting for normalcy and justice to prevail singing songs of longing for freedom from the pains that holds them captives and turns them into monsters.

It’s time we take the responsibility, to stop it at us, and spare our children from growing into a world made of painful experiences, saving them from having to take up the jobs of cleaning after our mess or joing the forces.

Let’s not bleed on people who didn’t cause us any pain.

Do you make a pledge today?