Move in.

A couple months ago, I deliberately decided to get close enough to people in order to see from their perspective. I took “being in the others shoes quite literally “.

If you don’t know me, one thing I am famously known for is ‘it’s either my way or no way’ and I was quite convinced that “I know it all” and that the other person was wrong if I didn’t agree with them.

For years instead of actually “getting” what the other person was implying or trying to get across, i unconsciously passed judgements and assumptions, which strained my relationships.

However, when I finally decided to lean in and see from where the person was, I was introduced to a new world, a world where I only spoke the language “oh, this is why”, “oh, now I get it”, “oh, this actually makes sense”.

This has not only changed my perspective but also lead me to have stronger bonds with my family, friends and strangers – strangers on the streets and on social media.

I don’t quite have the explanation for it, but I did found my depths and not only that, but was able to be more empathic.

I also found one liberating truth; people aren’t inherently bad, even though some of them do bad things, it’s all a result of how they view the world – their perspectives.

It’s hard to hate when you are close enough,

Move in.