Look at me

I juggle from one thing to another, to make people believe I have it together.

I offer my back to anyone who needs a ride or just needs me to carry their burden.

But look, look me in the eyes, you’ll see how much I need that too.

I have a strong back, but I do get tired at times, provide me with a resting nest.

I have a long way to go, but somehow I keep on circling in the same place, waiting, waiting for you to notice how I long for your approval.

I get angry and rebel a lot, this has damaged me in so many ways, I am tired of this being the only way i gain your attention.

Notice me, love me in the ways I deserve to be loved, the contemporary love doesn’t work with me.

I am quite, i don’t speak much and when I do, I know it makes you feel like I am the dumbest person in the room but it’s only because i am not conversant with spoken word.

Look at me, read my words, the ones I write. You will know I speak sense too.

Why are you always looking beyond me or right through me as if I am invisible or not good enough, but maybe you are searching for a stone while overlooking a diamond.

Even if I am not one, i still need you to look at me, to see the yearning in my eyes for you.

What more should I do to make you see me, while I forsake my world for yours?

What more do I need to do?

Look at me.

See me.