I knew I loved you…

Dear best friend,

I knew I loved, when you first held my hands and listened to my humorless jokes and laughed your lungs out.

I knew I loved you when my life was at the verge of breaking apart, how you held my hands and sat with me in the dark.

I knew I loved you when you tried everything in your capacity to make the darkness go away.

I knew I loved you when you squeezed my hands, looked me in the eye and let it go so that I could fly to the other side, where the light was.

I knew I loved you when you didn’t get left behind and flew right beside me.

I knew I loved you when I had only you in a new territory, a new life, completely different from the one I had before.

I knew I loved you when I showed you my flaws, imperfections, ugly cries, broken heart and messy life, instead of running away, you hugged me tight and said you were here to stay.

I knew I loved you when I saw your resilience over the years, your kind heart towards others, and your articles that inspired me to write.

I knew I loved you when I read your words for the first time and completely got mesmerized.

I knew I loved you on so many occasions but one that stands out is how my love for you doesn’t change even on the days it becomes hard to love you.

9 years later, and if I could ask for one thing, it would be to remain your friend forever.

You are my only constant, my pillar, my strength and the home I’ll always run to.

If you ever need me just call out my name I’ll be listening for the sounds. I am here to hold your hands through it all.

And whatever happens, you are my light.

Yours forever and ever,

The girl in the black hijab.