Pieces of advice


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Life is too short; wake up early, pray every day, live fully, smile often, give as much as you can then exceed, pay attention to the people around you.

Don’t be afraid; on your deathbed there’s nothing you’ll regret more than the chances you never took, face your fears, do the things your mind screams you not to but your heart secretly wants, get out of your comfort zone for nothing grows there.

There’s no time, stop screwing around, we never have the time, the perfect time will never arrive, you only have this moment, make the best out of it.

Love. Love hard, love true, for the love you leave behind will be the only legacy that lasts.

Prepare for your final destination, this life is nothing but temporary, we all have to leave one day, we need to make sure we have something to go to.

Life is too short, let’s make something out of it while we can.

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Love, always