I know this is long overdue, I promised I would write soon but I guess I was waiting for a closure.

I have finally found one, in your children, after spending a day with them I am convinced they are going to be okay, not completely okay because you are and will always be the big part missing, but okay because of two strong women trying-trying their best to make sure the missing gap isn’t widened.

I have seen determination like no other in their eyes, to rise beyond and above to make sure the kids are happy and healthy.

I admire the way they have been raised.

I can still feel your presence in the house, the peace and tranquillity of constant remembrance of Allah, this house has always made my Iman stronger. And the doors are wide open to everyone just like when you were here.

Aisha, is doing her best job filling in your shoes, she is emulating you in every sense possible, she hasn’t sat down ever since I got here, doing this or that and you’ll be surprised to hear she is obsessing about cleaning just like you did, And oh she keeps on saying “shaqalada shaqada ha di la tusin wax dhan ma ku qabaneyso” in a broken Somali of course, but this statement from her assured me she’s more than ready for motherhood. Did I tell you she is overfeeding me too? I know that would make you happy.

We miss you, we miss your presence, I can see the longing for you in their eyes but I know for sure, we are all gonna be okay.

your treasure is in good hands.

Until we meet again, May your grave keep on expanding for you, May the lights keep on shining, may your final abode be jannatul firdaws.

I love you Ma, always and forever.

Love, always

P.s I’ll write again.