The story we make up


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Stories are a powerful. Especially the ones we tell ourselves.

Let me share with you a little incident that changed my life.

One day I remember complaining to my younger sister about something that had happened, I don’t remember what it was about but her answer caught me off guard, she said to me “ifrah, your problem is you take everything negatively”.

That was it.

I embarked on a journey to prove my sister wrong, to show her how broken I was and how blinded she was to my miseries but instead I found bitter truths, truths that made my heart ache, truth that opened my eyes to the wrong stories I fed my soul.

You see I have a great imagination, which means I am never bored when alone, I keep on making up stuffs in my head and before my sister’s statement, the stories in my head depicted a broken fragile girl who the whole world is against, who can’t do anything in life because she was chained by people, people who were meant to uplift her.

The stories never contained a happy ending, just a series of never ending misery, and the worst part is I believed every single word of it. So I lived accordingly.

That’s when I changed the course of my journey to bettering the stories.

It was a hectic journey of course, I had to catch and examine every thought in my head, I had to master the courage and skill to eliminate the wrong narrations and create new healthy ones. This basically involved a lot of self help books, watching countless videos on YouTube about “thoughts”, praying a lot and paying closer attention to my life as it unfolded.

Was it easy? Nah, did I accomplish it overnight? Absolutely Not I am still working on it. Is it worth? More than you can imagine.

What made this possible though is, along the way I developed a good relationship with Allah, i would take each step glorifying His name, I turned to Him for guidance and courage.

And I had a clear intention, of what I needed to achieve, so I worked tirelessly day and night for months on end to achieve my goal. I fell and I rose, no setback was high enough.

It’s important to take track of what goes on on your mind for they are the scripts of your life.

Create the life you always wanted by changing the narrative. If it’s a sad story you’ll have a sad life, if it’s a story of success, faith, love and hope that’s exactly how you’ll life will be.

What stories do you tell yourself?

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Love, always.