A letter to my hero


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Dearest Aabo,

They say a girl mostly emulates her mother, but I grew up wanting to follow into your footsteps, wanting to be as strong willed and compassionate as you.

You taught me how to be kind to people, how to demand the respect i deserved, how to give without expecting anything in return and how important it is to educate a girl, if it weren’t for you Aabo I know I wouldn’t be educated, wouldn’t be empowered to change my narrative, to change the world even in the smallest way possible.

The most important lesson you taught me though, Aabo is how to be on time always, I hated that growing up, I hated that I couldn’t just sleep in or be late like most people do, but today… today Aabo I finally realize the value of it. The value of time.

Aabo, I always wanted to know the kind of a parent I would be, now I finally know, I want to be a little bit of you, a little bit more of hooyo and a lot more of me cos Aabo you gave me an identity, you gave the permission to not look up to others for answers, not even you, but to look deep inside of me.

They also say, you only understand the value of a parent the moment you become one but Aabo, your resilience in my education gave me the opportunity to understand you, your value even before that.

I have a lot to thank you for, a lot,but the most valuable thing you gave me Aabo is a voice and an education. that’s why I carry our surname kusa with so much pride, because Aabo it reminds me always of where I came from, it reminds me of you and your tireless sacrifice, to better my life, to better my future, at the expense of your life and dreams, even though most of the time I take you for granted.

Aabo you are the hero, you are my hero. The person I am today and the person I aspire to be is inspired by you.

Love, always