A dream, An Obstacle and A Wish.

I have a dream.

I have an Obstacle.


I have a wish.

The dream.

My dream is to build a community, to create a safe space for different kinds of people, to be themselves, A home where everyone is welcomed, a home for the homeless, a sanctuary for the forsaken, where no one needs an invitation into the house. I dream to have a tribe consitsting of you and I, where all of us are part of the inner table.

The obstacle.

The obstacle is that I am afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone and falling flat to my face, I am afraid of humiliation, of failure, oh my God, of failure, of failing you, failing myself. It’s too dark in here and I can’t breath, I can’t see, I can’t go back there’s nothing but darkness nor can i move forward without getting myself into the arena, into fulfilling the dream and i am afraid.

The wish.

My wish is to give myself a permission slip, to do and not worry so much about the outcome, to brave it, to be vulnerable and to chase the light but I need help, your help, I am already working on my permission slip,I need yours too. I wish to fulfill the dream.

Love, always