Yours always and forever

Dearest self,

I understand how difficult things must be for you at this moment in time, given your soft heart and how you sensitive you are to the cruelties of this world. I know you despise how weak it all makes you feel. I know that right now all you want to do is curl-up into a ball and slip away from the world, I know you want to hide but hang in there dear.

Hang in there, show up, feel the pain, cry it out, talk it out, write it out. Fight for yourself, sweet soul, fight.

You must be feeling like the weakest person on the planet for wanting to disappear, to die. Truthfully though, you are more courageous than you think. Remember, your abilities; your sensitivity, your empathy and how you can open up to being vulnerable. Don’t allow the pain you feel to harden you up, don’t let it change you into a cold heartless person. Remember your superpower my love.

You might be having dark thoughts right now, about how every time you find something that makes you happy… everything comes crumbling down on you, as if you were not meant to be happy, don’t believe that, You are destined for happiness and love. This is your right!

Just be brave enough to change the narrative and you’ll see how much you are capable of building on your own happiness.

I understand how guilty you must feel at times, of how tall your walls are becoming. We have a choice to either keep tightening the security around our hearts and souls or to break down the walls and choose to live life to its fullest. The thought of the latter option scares you to death and it’s okay, just try to take a step at a time and see. For once let’s write a different script, let’s try a different route, the route we hardly take who knows we might get a different outcome, an outcome that we desperately need.

I know you are tired of living the same old life. Work towards a different life, a different you but be the same at heart, don’t change that. Start all the projects you have in mind, don’t be afraid, you have so much love to give and much more love to receive.

You are love, you are loved and one day, one day this hard time right here will be a story you’ll be telling as a testimony, as a testimony to how a girl singlehandedly slayed her demons and came out victorious.

You are a fighter and you will always be one, you will die for sure one day, but your story will live on forever in the hearts of the people who share the same lives and decided to triumph despite and because of it.

You’ll live on forever in the hearts of those who read your words. My dear choose this way of life so that you may be an inspiration, you have the strength to, I just need you to realize it. You’ve fallen but now get up, dust yourself off and live.

Yours, always and forever ♥