Between a sunrise and a sunset


Feeling of despair, of worthlessness, of loneliness and confusion over washed me. My goals and purpose in the dark. And my heart, in a hundred pieces . Darkness over clouding my little sky.

Then came,


Feeling of strength, contentment, of joy and hope filled my heart. I was feeling like i could take over the world, surrounded by like minded people and people who wanted to impact their lives and the lives of others.

And suddenly the world was a big place full of opportunities and i felt like i was an important part of it.

At sunrise i was lost and by sunset i had found myself and i had found a home in people and places i least expected to.

What could have happened between the sunrise and the sunset?

An answered prayer by the knower of all, the creator of the earth and all it contains, the God of you and me.

At sunset,

I had found people and guidance that i was sure in my bones will impact my life in a huge way.

At sunrise

i had no hope

By sunset

I had hope mixed with faith and a little sunshine.

Love, always