A tribute to the women who made me a woman!

I remember with a lot of nostalgia, suad telling me “you’ll be successful one day”, her asking me for an autograph in an attempt to “prepare” me for when the day finally comes.

I also remember fondly how Aiman (i prefer eyman) older sistered me if that is even a word with so much love and care. Always going out of her way to make sure i was okay.

I have seen love like no other in the eyes of these two incredible women for me. Almost as if they were the ones who carried me for 9 months in their womb, as if they were the ones who suffered back pains, swollen legs, dreadful days and nights, as if they birthed me through tremendous labor, now making sure their child is well of. protected form harm.

They provided me with everything i wanted, they loved my flaws, accepted me for who i was. They showered me with love so unconditionally it healed every broken part of me.

They had seen such wonderful dreams for. Harbored hope, endured sleepless nights just to make sure i was okay, cared for and happy.

I see motherly love for me in their eyes. Always putting my needs before theirs.

Those days, weary of hurt, dealing with depression, tired with disappointments, overcame by shame, tired of life, i didn’t see what they saw. But one thing is for sure they lit a torch inside of me, A light that have been glowing since then. Spreading. Their being giving me the strength and motivation to live and to write.

I am who i am because of these two incredibly strong, selfless women. With their love i was able to conquer over darkness.

I stand on the sacrifices of a million women before me thinking what can i do to make this mountain taller so that the woman after me can see farther.

Rupi kaur

My dream is to spread the light of their legacy to the world. For whatever good that comes from me is because of them.