Change in perspective

Like a tree planted by the river i shall not be moved

~maya angelou.

It is amazing how a change in perspective could result in so many other small changes.

For many years my illness, specifically the lack of physical strength was a problem for me. I hated the feeling of being weak. I despised myself because of it.

The other day though, I realized something mind blowing. Just after a long day of physical work, I sat down, tired. However, not the normal kind of tired, this was the kind where I would need at least 3 days of bed rest with no activity. I sat there contemplating the things that needed change. I thought of the things that I had to cut out and the things I had to add on to my life so as to become physically healthy. From there I started to take notes.

For a moment I was in awe, of how much my thinking had changed. I would have beaten myself up for being too weak before, but now I had accepted that as a part of me and not as a weakness. That is when it struck me, self love is embracing your imperfections. It is owning up to the parts of you that you thought were “ugly” or considered a “weakness”.

Self love is exploring the unique person you are, every single day and working towards becoming a better version of yourself for yourself. Self love is knowing what works for and against you. Self love is owning your story, and not being ashamed of who you are or what your story is. Self love is surrounding yourself with quality relationships. Relationships that nurture and nourish you.

Now I know better than to kill myself with a crazy amount of physical labour, now I know that I have to eat healthy, exercise, sleep well and drink lots of water. Now I know self love is about the little things in life rather than the big things in the unknown future, this usually being something that I tend to constantly and blindly stress about.

I am free now, working towards a better being and so should you.