Dear ifrah,

You are an incredible woman, believe this my love.

You are a special woman, with love, warmth, kindness and empathy within her.

You are a woman of great light and darkness, however you tend to concentrate more on the darkness of your soul. I don’t fault you for this because it was what was comfortable for the longest of times. I know you are not willing to let go just yet, of the darkness and pain, but do try to loosen your grip.

Look at how much you have grown, from the girl full of sadness to the woman full of love and joy. A woman of strong willpower. A woman always looking for the light in the darkest of moments.

Your journey is one to be commended. You have fought with incredible people by your side. At times fought the wrong people, and sometimes fought the wrong battles, but what is a battle without lessons?

You have triumphed countless times and that is why I truly believe you will continue to. Believe you will, because your heart and mind are in the right place.

Today I celebrate you, your journey, your determination, and your decision to open yourself to certain people.

I am falling for the woman you have turned into, and I pray that this love resonates from within you wherever life takes you.

Yours truly,
The phenomenal woman within you