Are you still kind?

Do you think you have changed as a person? If yes for the better or worse?

I believed i have changed, both in good and bad ways. something that has caught my attention though is that my kindness has turned out to be corroded, it seems to have been infected by the unkindness of some aspects of life.

I believe to have been kind regardless of how the other person treated me or whether they deserve it or not but lately i return only the kindness i am bestowed upon. I am kind to you only and only if you are kind to me first.

It’s something i am not proud of at the least, because before all of it i believed each and every one deserves my goodness but now i am good to the person who is either good to me or who i can get something in exchange of my goodness.

I seem to have fallen for the hardness of the world, have you too?

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