The girl in the black hijab

The girl in the black hijab is a paradox of light and darkness. There’s much to her than she allows herself to show, actually she hates to reveal herself at the same time she yearns for anyone to see her for truly what she thinks she is.

She is light she is darkness and she is in between. She is hopeful, she is helpless, she loves, she hates. She has big dreams, she has no dreams at all. She is introvert but more than many times she plays extrovert to be accepted by her peers because she is fun when she is the life of the crowd.

She yearns for the starts, the clear sky, the moon, she trees, the mountains but a glimpse of the sunset satisfiers her yearnings.

However she is the darkness too, she carriers a load of pain in her heart, if you looked in her eyes keenly you would see how much she is hurting. She has been at the rock bottom and has seen how much darkness can exist in a single person. She has been suicidal once upon time but with sheer determination and hard work she has turned that around for herself. She fought demons, sometimes won and sometimes defeated. She acknowledges the dark side of the coin she visits there from moment to moment.

But there’s one thing that makes her who she is, one thing that no one understands about her which she herself doesn’t understand is the will to give Compassion whether it’s deserved or not. She will give it no matter what, because that she believes is one of her ikigais.

Ikigai is a Japanese word whose meaning translates roughly to a reason for being, encompassing joy, a sense of purpose and meaning and a feeling of well-being.